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My Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming | Solutions and Helpful Tips

Have you ever experienced a moment when you feel that the sewing machine keeps jamming? Why is it happening? Well, there are many possible reasons why your sewing machine might jam, lock up, or be unable to see you correctly. Sometimes, an inevitable build-up of dust or lint in the machine can be a significant reason.

If your sewing machine is also facing a sudden jam, you don’t need to worry about it. You can quickly fix why the sewing machine keeps jamming by following a few troubleshooting steps in the manual guide. We have got you covered in this article if you need a manual guide. Let’s get into the discussion below.

Why does my sewing machine keeps jamming? Possible reasons?

Reason no 1: Presser’s foot

The first primary reason why the sewing machine keeps jamming is the presser foot. You must ensure the presser foot has been placed at a smaller gap. Adjusting your machine too much will cause unwanted gaps between the thread on both sides of the fabric.

This will be a double issue for you. It would help if you were careful when it comes to adjustment because too loose and tight conditions can be harmful.

You will not face any issues when using thicker fabrics or multiple layers that require a unique needle. But with thin materials, including satin or silk, ensure the sewing machine is not jamming.

Reason no 2: Bobbin thread

Due to excessive tension on the bobbin thread, most of my sewing machine keeps jamming underneath. Before you touch any of the machine settings, you need to loosen the screw, which loosens or tightens the bobbin casing. It is visible on the machine where you put the bobbin.

Once you feel it has been loosening, you must remove the bobbin and carefully wrap the thread around it. Do it a few times until you are unsure if there is any other slack.

Later on, put it back and once again tied up this screw. This will reduce the tension and jamming for you.

Reason no 3: Lack of tension on the upper thread

Any spool of too tight thread won’t create enough tension on the upper thread. This will obviously cause the sewing machine to keep jamming up easily. You can quickly solve this problem by using a heavier-weight thread.

Make sure you also keep a check on the screws, which are on both sides of the needle plate. Also, check that they are accurately tightened. If not, this can affect the tension on the upper thread.

Reason no 4: Needle is broken

If the needle is not going through the fabric at any cost, this means the needle is broken. Its simple solution is to go for the replacement. But be careful when replacing.

If you get too rough with the needle while inserting it into the new case, it can also damage or break off the bobbin casing. This will create another problem for you.

Reason no 5: Low-quality thread

Using low-quality thread is another primary reason why the sewing machine keeps jamming. A low-quality thread will never help you sew properly and will cause certain obstructions in your sewing process.

Reason no 6: Feed dogs are not functioning properly

The primary purpose of feeding dogs is to help you pull the fabric evenly through the machine. And if they are not performing their duty correctly, the sewing machine will jam.

The problem of feeding dogs can quickly be resolved with the help of a finger or a small brush. Once you have cleaned it properly, test out your sewing machine.

Preventing future sewing machine jams: But how?

This will get frustrating if your singer sewing machine keeps jamming without significant reason. But whatever the reason, you should always be ready with a proper solution.

Following best practices for proper sewing

To avoid any jam appearing in the sewing machine, it is essential to follow best sewing practices properly. For setting up your new machine, follow the general guidelines for adequately sewing your artwork.

Make sure you properly thread your machine. Pair the right fabrics with the suitable needles. Perform regular upkeep and maintain your machine to let it survive longer.

Regular maintenance schedule

Maintaining a sewing machine is essential for longevity and achieving excellent sewing results. You must follow a proper maintenance schedule to ensure the machine stays in prime condition.

  1. Daily oil the machine and replace the needle if necessary to avoid my Singer sewing machine keeps jamming.
  2. Every week, you can go for deeper cleaning and wipe the exterior areas of the machine.
  3. Every month, double-check the tension settings and condition of machine threads.
  4. After every 5 to 6 months, you can deep clean the machine by disassembling specific components like needle plates or bobbin cases.
  5. Clean up the tension discs and inspect the belts and timing.

The maintenance schedule will vary based on how long you use the sewing machine, manufacturer recommendations, and type. Consistent maintenance will reduce the risk of any jam and ensure the sewing machine becomes a reliable tool for creative projects.

When should you get professional help?

There might be some jams which can be a headache for you. If the jam is due to the fabric stuck in the machine or loose thread, you can do it yourself. But if the problem is within the machine’s internal components, attempting to resolve it yourself is a big mistake. This is the point when you should consider hiring a professional technician to resolve the issue of my sewing machine keeps jamming.

Finding an expert technician can be another hassle for people. You need to check reviews from the sewing community and take guidance from the people around you to pick the right option. Having the right one by your side will help you to solve your problem in just a little time.

FAQs: Questions People Frequently Ask

Why is my sewing machine jamming all the time?

Different causes contribute to the fact that why sewing machine keeps jamming. This might be happening due to the clog within the inner mechanism, which is causing the thread to bunch. Sometimes, a loose fabric often gets tangled in the feeding process. Wrongly placed needles are also one of the major causes.

Why does your sewing machine keep knotting?

Your sewing machine keeps knotting, and the thread has knots that are not even smooth. If it is loose on the bobbin, then it means that it has not been threaded accurately. If your machine uses a bobbin case, you need to follow the instructions for properly removing it and rethreading it.

Why does my sewing machine keep locking up?

The leading causes of the sewing machine locking up are faulty drive motors, lack of lubrication, and lint build-up.

How can you stop the sewing machine from tangling?

If your machine is facing any tangling, this is generally because the needle has been damaged or blunt. It would help if you went for a bigger needle size. Ensure that the top thread is feeding off smoothly and evenly. It should not be sticking anywhere else.


So this one was the end of the discussion about why the sewing machine keeps jamming. This is quite a common issue in most sewing machines and generally happens due to your happenstakes. We have already mentioned a few of the significant causes to learn why your submission keeps jamming. But overall, the best solution is to pay attention to machine maintenance. Make sure you give it oiling at least once a week. Remember to clean the lint!

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