why does my bobbin thread keep tangling

Why Does My Bobbin Thread Keep Tangling: An Extensive Overview

If you’re constantly asking yourself, “Why does my bobbin thread keep tangling?” is a question that troubles many sewers. The issue often stems from the upper threading of your machine. Bobbin thread tangling can be because of upper thread is not being threaded accurately. As highlighted in sewing machine guidelines, it is important to path of threading in correct way.

Moreover, a bobbin that’s positioned wrongly or has inappropriate tension can also be the reason for this annoying problem. Frequently dusting and keeping your machine neat can stop such glitches.

Likewise, the exact needle size for the right type of cloth is crucial, as an incorrect needle can be cause of tangling thread issues. By giving care to these facts, you can keep your sewing tasks effortlessly proceeding without the bother of twisted threads.

Why Does My Bobbin Thread Keep Tangling In My Sewing Machine?

Handling a sewing machine that’s not functioning precisely can sometimes be really bothersome.  Issues like jammed threads or tangled threads can be caused by you asking that why does my bobbin thread keep tangling in my sewing machine. Sometimes for this bobbin alone is not responsible to be blamed on.

If the bobbin thread is skillfully wound, look somewhere else for the issue. Lint or bits of thread can get jammed and clutter up your sewing. Try to deal with issues at home all by yourself before calling for aid from service agents. Firstly, always check if your machine is threaded right.

Moreover, keep it clean. Thus, you can usually solve these problems without needing a technician. Given below there are some reasons which may answer your question that “Why does my bobbin thread keep tangling on my sewing machine?”

Why Does Thread Jamming in Bobbin Area:

When your sewing machine abruptly stops operating as you push the pedal, it may be quite stressful for seamstresses. Regardless of experience level, everyone may experience this. Therefore, understanding the cause of this is crucial.

One common issue is thread jamming in the bobbin area. You might wonder, what causes bobbin thread to tangle? There are, in fact, several causes. First, there’s a chance that trash or lint has clogged your machine. Also, if it’s not threaded properly, jams can quickly arise.

Moreover, tight tension in the bobbin area or not oiling your machine regularly can cause these problems. Therefore, understanding these causes helps you fix them. Furthermore, don’t worry; solutions to these issues are given below.

How to resolve Thread Jamming:

  1. If the bobbin tension feels too tight, gently loosen it a bit, put it back, and test sew to find the right tension. Bobbin thread bunching, looping, and tangling can be lessened by this.
  2. If your bobbin case isn’t sitting right, you might need a new one.
  3. Unthread and then rethread both the bobbin and top threads. This step often fixes bobbin thread issues.
  4. Make sure you’re using the correct bobbin for your machine.
  5. Hold the thread ends when you begin sewing. A slight tug can help prevent jams.
  6. Avoid starting your sewing right at the fabric’s edge; this can cause the thread to knot and jam.
  7. Check that your needle is right for the fabric you’re using. A stronger needle is less likely to jam than a weaker one.
  8. Keep the bobbin case clean. Regularly oil your sewing machine to keep it running smoothly.

Why Does My Bobbin Thread Keep Tangling, Bunching & looping?

When you sew, sometimes the thread bunches up like a bird’s nest. This is called bobbin thread bunching, looping, and tangling. If this happens, it might be because of the bobbin. When threads bunch up while you’re sewing, carefully pull the fabric and snip off the extra thread.

Don’t yank it out; this could hurt your machine and fabric. How to keep bobbin thread from tangling, when it can get loose or tight, depending on the thread you use, how old your machine is, and if you oil it regularly.

If the bobbin thread isn’t put in right, it can loop. Solutions to what causes bobbin thread to tangle are given below, so don’t worry, you can fix this.

How to solve bobbin thread tangling, bunching and looping?

  1. Adjust the bobbin tension slowly, testing on fabric until you get the right tension.
  2. Check the bobbin case for damage, especially if it’s plastic. Replace with a metal one if needed.
  3. Thread the bobbin as instructed in the manual or use pre-wound bobbins for consistency.
  4. Clean out any fluff or debris from the bobbin case using a paintbrush or dental floss.
  5. Try re-threading the bobbin or adjusting both the upper and bobbin threads simultaneously.
  6. Check the spool and ensure the bobbin is inserted correctly, moving counter-clockwise.
  7. Use bobbins specifically designed for your machine to avoid tangling.
  8. If problems persist, consider professional assistance, though many issues can be resolved at home.

How to Keep Bobbin Thread from Tangling?

As you keep sewing more, you’ll understand your machine better. With experience, threading the bobbin and upper thread becomes easier. Regularly changing the needle improves stitching quality. To prevent bobbin thread bunching, tangling and looping issues; service your machine regularly, even if it’s working fine.

Ever wonder how to keep bobbin thread from tangling, don’t wait for it to break down completely. Simple habits like cleaning and oiling save time and money. Keep the manual handy for troubleshooting.

Choose a sewing machine based on performance, not just looks. Sometimes, an old machine with sentimental value needs replacing for better performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does thread bunch up underneath when sewing?

One reason is improper tension – too high tension on the top thread can pull excess bobbin thread, creating loops. Another cause is incorrect threading, which can lead to loose thread. Lastly, lint or dust buildup in the machine can also cause bunching.

Why does bobbin thread bunch up?

Bobbin thread can bunch when not wound correctly, when tension is too tight, or if fabric is pulled tightly. Also, improper bobbin case installation can cause bunching.

How do I keep bobbin thread from tangling?

To resolve bobbin thread bunching up: Make sure to thread the machine correctly, passing through all guides. Consider changing the needle, checking the bobbin, and cleaning the machine thoroughly.

How do I check if my bobbin tension is right?

To test, put the bobbin in its case. Hold it up with just the thread. Give a small tug on the thread. If the bobbin case stays still, tension is good. If it slides down a bit, it’s perfect. If it falls freely, it’s too loose.


Why does my bobbin thread keep tangling? This is a common question among sewers. The issue often arises from improper upper threading or incorrect bobbin placement. Regular maintenance, like cleaning and oiling, can prevent tangling.

Adjusting the tension and using the right needle for your fabric also helps. Bobbin thread bunching, looping, and tangling are frustrating, but solutions are available. Follow the manual’s threading instructions and keep the bobbin case clean.

Sometimes, replacing the bobbin case or using pre-wound bobbins is necessary. Remember, understanding your machine and regular servicing are key to avoiding these issues.

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