how to fix sewing machine handwheel

How To Fix Sewing Machine Handwheel Of The Singer Sewing Machine?

If you are a sewer regularly and your Singer sewing machine hand wheel becomes stuck during a stitch, causing issues with stitching smoothly, then you might be wondering how to fix the sewing machine handwheel. But before directly discussing the solutions let`s discuss what the hand wheel is.

And why it is an important component in sewing machines. The hand wheel on your sewing machine, available in manual and electric models plays a crucial role. You use this wheel to wind thread onto the bobbin initially.

It’s also handy for bringing the needle up or down while threading the top thread. The hand wheel assists in raising the thread take-up lever when threading, but sometimes it gets stuck, halting your sewing progress. Let’s explore why this issue occurs and how to fix the sewing machine hand wheel.

Why Is My Singer Sewing Machine Handwheel Stuck?

Firstly, stay calm. There are numerous probable reasons for the problematic sticking, and many of them are easy to handle. In this article, you will go through some of the most regular causes that why your Singer sewing machine hand wheel is stuck.

You can cure it by examining the source of the reason and then fixing why your Singer sewing machine hand wheel stuck.

1- The Hand Wheel Of The Sewing Machine Is Loose: How To Fix Sewing Machine Handwheel

First, ease you’re skilled of managing this. Confirm that the hand wheel on your sewing machine is fixed firmly to the machine if it appears to be off. To achieve this, make assured the hand wheel is steadfast in place and take out the stitch plate and the metal plate afterward to the needle.

If it’s loose, make a hand wheel setscrew alongside the motor shaft with a screwdriver. Reattach the stitch plate and give it another try. Sometimes, sewing machine hand wheels get stuck because they become loose over time. This often happens due to wear and tear.

If your hand wheel feels loose, check the screws holding it. Tighten them up if needed. Now, let’s fix that sewing machine hand wheel.

2- Neglecting To Lower Your Pressure Foot

If the needle isn’t moving and the hand wheel won’t budge, check if your presser foot is down. It’s easy to fix just press the lever at the back of your sewing machine to lower it.

Another reason your Singer sewing machine handwheel stuck is because of the pressure foot. This part helps your fabric slide smoothly with the feed dogs. Without enough pressure, your fabric won’t catch, causing the needle and hand wheel to get stuck.

Always remember to drop the pressure foot before sewing to avoid this. Some newer machines remind you, forming good habits and preventing tangles in your needle and hand wheel. Let’s keep your sewing smooth and trouble-free.

3- Is The Bobbin Of the Right Size & Is the Bobbin Case Inserted Correctly?

If your sewing machine hand wheel refuses to turn, it might be because the bobbin case isn’t in the right way. Take it out; put it back in, ensuring a proper lock. If the issue persists, let’s move on.

Your machine comes with perfect-sized bobbins for a smooth sewing cycle. If you buy extras, make sure they’re the exact match. Using even slightly different-sized bobbins can lead to frustration.

Mismatched bobbins might not run smoothly, causing thread tangles. A tangled thread can freeze the needle, making the hand wheel immobile.

Not sure about the size? Compare it with the original bobbins. If you spot a difference, that bobbin might cause trouble.

4- Is Your Sewing Machine Handwheel Stuck Because Of Debris & Lint?

If your hand wheel starts squeaking or making odd noises, dust and dirt may be the culprits. So, if you’re wondering how to remove the hand wheel from your sewing machine, gently follow your machine’s manual or seek professional guidance.

If the hand wheel still misbehaves, the gears inside might be the issue. Open the machine to inspect. If the gears are damaged, they need replacement. Start by checking for debris that might hinder the hand wheel.

Sometimes, thread or lint can make it tricky to turn. Use tweezers or a small brush to remove any debris. Remember, if things seem too tricky; seek professional assistance for a smoothly working hand wheel.

Tips To Keep Your Sewing Machine Hand-wheel In Good Condition

  • Before starting, ensure the power is off and the hand wheel is in the down position.
  • Use a small brush or tweezers to carefully remove any debris.
  • If there’s no visible debris, try applying WD-40, a lubricant, to the hand wheel, and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Always turn the hand wheel anticlockwise for tasks like winding the bobbin or adjusting the thread take-up lever or needle position.
  • When unlocking a bobbin, you can turn the hand wheel away from you, but do it slowly and gently. Avoid applying excessive force to prevent damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep my sewing machine safe from being stuck?

Ensures that your sewing machine is properly threaded and set up properly. Monitor regularly for jammed and tucked threads in the machine. Timely apply lubricant and check the mechanism of the winding bobbin.

Check the clutch of the hand wheel. In this way, you can keep your sewing machine from being stuck.

What if, after following all precautions the hand wheel is not moving?

Your sewing machine’s hand wheel may begin to move freely once you’ve completed all necessary corrective measures. You will need to take it to a mechanic if, however, it still won’t turn after trying the aforementioned fixes.

If you are still unsure about your ability to solve the problem, it is best to call or bring the equipment to a service facility rather than risk damage to it with your limited knowledge.

How can I tune up my sewing machine, especially when it’s an old machine?

Periodic routine maintenance is necessary for sewing machines, particularly the older models. Certain models could have self-lubricating capabilities, while others might need a few drops of oil applied by a qualified specialist.

The hand wheel has gears that may require specific maintenance. A machine tune-up and oil change might be the ideal solution to the handwheel jam, especially in an older machine.


Have you ever wondered how to fix a sewing machine hand wheel? If your hand wheel is loose, tighten it with a screwdriver. Always lower the pressure foot before sewing to avoid problems. Check if your bobbin is the right size and placed correctly.

If your hand wheel makes odd noises or has debris, gently clean it following your machine’s manual. Apply WD-40 or soapy water to help. Develop good habits, like turning the hand wheel anticlockwise. If issues continue, get help from a professional for a quick fix.

Following these easy tips keeps your sewing machine hand wheel in good shape, ensuring smooth creativity in your sewing projects and keeping your Singer sewing machine hand wheel stuck free and smooth.

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