Why is my Thread Wrapping around the Bobbin

Why is my Thread Wrapping around the Bobbin | Easy Fixes to Learn

How many of you are facing the problem of why is my thread wrapping around the bobbin? Well, this is one of the most common problems which many sewing experts will experience once in a lifetime.

Usually, this problem occurs if there is top thread tangling in bobbin case, causing hurdles in the sewing process. This will make even a minor sewing project time-consuming and frustrating.

Some people say this might happen due to an issue or default in the bobbin system. But you should be aware that numerous other reasons are causing this problem daily. Don’t look around because we have got you covered! 

In this guide, we have explained why is my thread wrapping around the bobbin. The first portion will explain the primary reasons for this problem, and the second will highlight a few easy-to-do solutions to tackle it better.

Significant Reasons For Why Is My Thread Wrapping Around The Bobbin

Both beginner and professional experts will get into a situation where they find thread bunching or thread wrapping around the bobbin. These loopy and tangled threads can quickly delay or miserably hold your project. 

For a second, this will hit your mind with the thought that this is happening due to the default in the bobbin system. But this is not true.

There are other different reasons that you need to be made aware of. Below, we have highlighted four primary reasons to understand why is my thread wrapping around the bobbin.

Reason 1: Improper Threading

This problem is the primary cause of many other sewing machine issues coming your way. If the threads are not threaded correctly, these threads will get wrapped around the bobbin in case the tension is wrong.

No doubt, all sewing machine models are easy to thread. However, it is also essential to pay attention to tension panels to ensure that thread tension is accurate. If the tension on the thread is too little or too much, then it means there is a problem.

Reason 2: Dust Accumulation

It is not behaving primarily due to the dust and dirt buildup in the sewing machine. It is evident that constant use of any machine will collect dust particles on the surface, which can obstruct normal machine functioning.

This will generally cause certain parts of the machine to get jammed. Clean the dust particles accumulated on your sewing machine as early as possible.

Reason 3: The Machine Wants Oiling

During regular and intense usage, the sewing machine gets dry after demanding. Oiling your sewing machine can make the parts stiff, and they might need to be fixed.

Due to this, thread wrapping around spool pin can cause a hurdle in your sewing process. To let the machine function efficiently, ensure you oil it properly weekly.

Reason 4: Bobbin Not Insert Well

This problem can occur when the bobbin is halfway into the sewing machine or inserted incorrectly. However, improperly inserting the bobbin can cause specific issues, which can lead to the normal functioning of the sewing machine.

You should never insert the bobbin in a tilt position as it can disturb the threading around the bobbin system.

Solutions To Keep The Thread From Wrapping Around The Bobbin

Well, in the above portion, we have already discussed the reasons in detail to guide you on why is my thread wrapping around the bobbin is happening.

To help you more, we have covered some solutions to make your task easier. Let’s dive into the discussion below.

Solution No. 1 Re-threading The Machine

Even a minor fault in the threading can lead to more significant problems in your machine. If the Bobbin has an issue regarding thread wrapping, you need to rethread the sewing machine.

You need to be extremely careful while performing the process of threading. Ensure all the tensions apply to the thread and all the bobbins are in the proper condition. They should not be too loose or tight.

Solution No. 2 Checking The Bobbin Case

The reason why does my bobbin thread keep jamming is also because the bobbin case of a machine is damaging. You might have inserted the bobbin improperly, or it may be broken.

To let your machine function properly, paying attention to this issue and fixing it on a necessary basis is essential. Selecting the bobbin properly will allow your machine to work smoothly.

Solution No. 3 Re-threading The Needle

Your sewing project will only end up ideally if the needle is in the right state. The needle is part of the upper threading, and it is incredibly cheap to replace it.

Solution No. 4 Thread The Bobbin Perfectly

Even after changing the needle, you still find something suspicious in your machine. Try to inspect the property. Possibly, the bobbin is at fault, which is why it is not threading correctly. Make sure that the bobbin has been accurately entered into the bobbin case.

Solution No. 5 Cleaning The Machine Well

Due to the constant usage of the machine, a lot of dust and dirt might accumulate in it, which can affect its working system. It is essential to maintain and clean your machine every week.

To let your machine function properly, make sure that you clean the exterior areas of the machine once a week. Oiling the machine is extremely important.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Why is the bobbin stuck within the bobbin case? 

There are different reasons why the bobbin gets stuck into the bobbin case. It might be because the bobbin threads have faced the knot, or the bobbin cases might have grooves that hold the thread back. Bobbin case can also get dirty, so clean it every week.

Why is the back thread looping underneath? 

The main reason for loop stitches is improper tension. You can quickly correct the loop over the upper side by tightening the lower tension or loosening the top. Underside loops can easily be fixed by adjusting the upper tension.

How can you fix bobbin tension in a sewing machine? 

The Bobbin case won’t budge if the bobbin tension is too tight. You can quickly tighten up the bobbin tension by turning it small screw in the clockwise direction.


To end this discussion, having a sewing machine that functions efficiently and lets you perform your tasks smoothly is a great blessing. But as we are using the machine daily, there is a high probability that the issues will occur.

Wrapping the thread around the bobbin is one major issue discussed in this guide above, along with easy solutions. Carefully follow the solutions of why is my thread wrapping around the bobbin discussed in the guide and let the problem be resolved earlier.  

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