Why Are My Scissors Stiff

Why are my scissors stiff? How to fix tight scissors?

Your scissors may be too tight if you find that they are difficult to open and close. This shortens their lifespan and causes wear and tear in them. In addition, it wears you out, since using them requires more effort. However, if your scissors are very slack, they will not cut correctly.

They may only bend the hair rather than cut it, giving the impression that sharp scissors are dull when they’re not. Why are my scissors stiff? Well, getting the tightness just right is super important, especially with special scissors like thinning, blending, or chunkier scissors.

If you don’t make the necessary adjustments, the teeth of these scissors may catch and permanently harm them if they are too tight or too loose. It is essential to have scissors for every sewing task. Let’s find how to loosen tight scissors.

Reasons Why Are My Scissors Stiff?

It shouldn’t take much force to open and close your scissors when they’re working correctly. It is important to ascertain why they have gotten challenging to utilize and aren’t working effectively. When scissors are excessively tight, rusty, unclean, or require oil, they can become difficult to operate.

Why are my scissors stiff? This question means it’s time to check and fix them, so they can work well again. Firstly, you should see what’s wrong. Maybe they need cleaning or some oil. Sometimes, adjusting the tightness fixes it. So, let’s find out how to fix tight scissors and make them smooth again.

1- Rust:

Rust can really mess up how your scissors work. When the blades or the part that lets the scissors pivot (turn) get wet, they can start to rust. A little rust may not seem like a huge concern at first. But it might soon develop into an issue that makes it difficult for your scissors to operate smoothly.

Usually, this is due to rust accumulation, which makes it difficult for the blades to move at all or fit together correctly. If rust keeps growing, especially around the pivot point, your scissors might get stuck and not open easily. Thus, even a bit of rust can make it tough to use your scissors.

2- Dust and Lack of Oiling:

If your scissors haven’t been cleaned in a long time that might be another reason they’re stiff. Small threads and other debris might adhere to the sewing machine’s blades during operation, causing interference.

Fibers may accumulate when using your scissors and become lodged close to the base of the blades. These fibers can block the scissors from moving properly. Similarly, if your scissors aren’t oiled enough, they can feel tough to open. How to oil scissors: It’s simple.

To disperse the oil, simply sprinkle some at the base of the blades then open and close them again. Maintaining clean, well-oiled scissors is one method to increase their lifespan.

3- Adjusting Tension

Sometimes, the tension set on your scissors can make them tough to open. The screw in the pivot controls how to fix tight scissors? If the screw is too loose, the tension is low. You’ll notice this if your scissors easily fall open all the way. Conversely, excessive tightening of the screw results in excessive tension. The blades may be difficult to fully open as a result.

Therefore, if you’re curious why my scissors are stiff, it’s possible that the tension setting has to be changed. You can adjust the tension to perfection and improve the use of your scissors by removing or tightening the screw.

How To Fix My Stiff Scissors By Oiling And Cleaning?

To oil scissors, you’ll need specialty scissor oil or sewing machine oil. Apply a little layer of oil to all the metal components of your scissors first. Once a few minutes have passed, wipe away any remaining oil and dirt using a cloth. Use an old toothbrush to clean beneath the cutting edges at its base. Fibers here can make it hard to open your scissors.

If your scissors need oiling, and you are thinking about how to oil the scissors, then focus on the pivot and hinge area. Anywhere metal rubs against metal, use oil to reduce friction. After applying oil, open and close your scissors a few times to let the oil soak in.

You’ll feel stiff scissors becoming easier to use as the oil works its magic. Remember, regular cleaning and oiling keep your scissors working smoothly.

How To Loosen Tight Scissors?

Why are my scissors stiff? Establishing the proper balance is crucial. Hold your scissors with the razors up and the grips down to see whether they have the proper stiffness and tension. Once the blades are at a ninety-degree, angle open one handle.

Let go of that handle and give the scissors a little shake. If the blade you’re not holding doesn’t move, it’s too stiff. If it snaps shut, they’re too loose. If it moves about an inch, they’re just right. You should consider how to loosen tight scissors, spin the screw to the left with a screwdriver, and then tighten the scissors again. They will be less tense and simpler to open as a result.

Remember, finding the right tension is key for smooth, effective cuts. Loosening up your scissors might help a lot if they are overly rigid.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to improve the performance of stiff scissors?

Hold your scissors with the blades pointed upward to change the tension. Use the screw dial or tool provided to make small changes. Turn the screw a little in the right direction. Keep turning until the scissors feel right.

How do you make scissors work better?

Take some fine sandpaper and wrap it around each blade. Rub it gently along the cutting edge. This smooths out any small bumps or rough spots that can make the scissors less effective. You can also use leather or denim to give the blades a nice shine.

What oil do you use for sewing scissors?

Sometimes, you can use household oil or sewing machine oil. Put a drop or two at the middle point of your scissors. This helps them cut smoothly. If your scissors start to feel hard to use, it’s a good time to add oil.


To sum up, preserving the functioning of your scissors and guaranteeing smooth cutting depend on your ability to recognize why they are stiff. Identifying the problem’s origin is the first step toward fixing it, whether the cause is improper tension, corrosion, or dust collection.

Cleaning and oiling your scissors on a regular basis can help avoid dirt accumulation and friction-related stiffness. Furthermore, achieving optimal performance involves changing the tension setting to the appropriate amount. Remember that the secret to seamless cutting and extending the life of your scissors is to strike the ideal balance between stiffness and tension.

So, the next time you ask yourself, “Why are my scissors stiff?” remember these easy fixes to keep your scissors in excellent shape and enjoy precise cutting for all of your sewing tasks.

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