Best Sewing Machines Under 100

The 5 Best Sewing Machines Under 100 Dollars For 2024

Updated on June 2, 2024

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Certainly, looking for the best sewing machines under 100 reveals alternative models for beginners or easier sewing projects. It is crucial to remember that computers with complex functionality may not be available within this price range.

However, there are several affordable sewing machines for beginners intended exclusively for basic clothes changes or modest jobs. Furthermore, choosing handheld or small machines might be advantageous, particularly for beginners or those looking for a more portable solution.

Even on a tight budget, there are a variety of practical full-sized and small machines available to meet a variety of stitching demands. These low-cost options maintain usefulness and utility while having fewer features.

So, these choices provide the best sewing machines to buy for beginners whether you’re new to sewing or want to add more equipment to your collection without going over budget.

Looking at these affordable options might be a starting point for your sewing adventure or meet additional demands, providing dependable and cost-effective completion of fundamental sewing tasks.

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Best Sewing Machines Under 100 Dollars | For Beginners

It’s crucial to remember that modern sewing machines regardless of price are not as strong as those made fifty years ago. Because of maintenance problems, even used equipment from that era is getting harder to find. Regarding routine stitching tasks, these new devices are exceptional.

They are ideal for the best sewing machines to buy under $100 for beginners for beginning sewing or doing basic craft projects since they are user-friendly and cater to beginners.

Among the best options for reasonably priced machines in 2024 are the Brother RLX3817A, SINGER M1000, Brother Sewing 14 Stitch Sewing Machine, Brother Mobile Solutions SM1704, and Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners Crafting.

These alternatives are great for people who are just starting or are looking for affordable solutions because they are not only affordable but also easy to use.

1. Brother RLX3817A | Sewing Machine Best Affordable Choice For Beginners

1. Brother RLX3817A

  • 17 built-in sewing stitches
  • Free arm feature to sew sleeves or cuffs
  • The 4-step Auto-size
  • LED Light & Free Arm
  • Versatile stitching Feet
  • 4 quick-change sewing feet

Presenting the Brother RLX3817A sewing machine, which is the best sewing machine for home use and is an affordable and adaptable choice designed for beginners who want to practice sewing.

Because of its straightforward design, this machine is a good cheap sewing machine for beginners searching for reasonably priced yet useful equipment to get them started.

Its lightweight design, which guarantees effortless transportation at less than 11 pounds, makes it ideal for people who frequently change locations or classes. The RLX3817A puts daily tasks first, avoiding too complicated tasks to provide beginners with an enjoyable experience.

BROTHER RLX3817A- Special Features:

  • 17 Built-in Stitches: Provides a flexible way to customize sewing tasks.
  • The 4-step Auto-size: Buttonhole makes creating buttonholes easier and results in a polished finish.
  • Versatile stitching Feet: Provides alternatives for buttonhole, zigzag, zipper, and button stitching for a range of applications.
  •  LED Light & Free Arm: Enhances workstation illumination and makes stitching sleeves or confined spaces easier.

Reasons to like it:

  • It’s a great deal choice for beginners under $100, and because it weighs less than 11 pounds, it’s portable.
  • It’s a good cheap sewing machine for beginners because of its simplified features.
  • Although not tough to damage, it manages fabrics like jeans and fabric with the right needle selection.


  • Not made for delicate quilting or embroidery monogramming

Why you should buy BROTHER RLX3817A Sewing Machine?

You should buy brother sewing machine brands because it’s simple to use, particularly if sewing is your new hobby. It also doesn’t cost a lot and still offers everything you require. You will receive 17 distinct stitches and feet to suit various stitching techniques and also it is an affordable sewing machine for beginners. 

2. SINGER M1000 | Best Practice Sewing Machine For Beginners

2. SINGER M1000

  • 32 different stitch applications
  • Lightweight, weighs only 5.5lbs (2.5kg)
  • Free arm — perfect for sewing dress shirt cuffs
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Top drop-in bobbin for inserting & monitoring bobbin thread supply

The Singer M1000 is the best sewing machine for beginners that could be ideal for you. It is best sewing machine under $100; which is an affordable choice from the famous Singer brand.

Do you need anything for simple fixes or simple sewing projects? With a weight of about 5.5 pounds, this machine can be your ideal companion for everyday sewing projects.

While straightforward for beginners, the manual controls and basic functions of this sewing machine may not be sophisticated enough for more experienced users.

The fact that the foot pedal functions as an ON/OFF switch may come as a surprise to certain consumers who are accustomed to variable speed control.

SINGER M 1000-Special Features:

  • Built-in Stitches: This set of 32 stitch applications and four built-in stitches is an ideal choice for sewing.
  • Convenient Features: To make your sewing duties easier, the machine has a drop-top bobbin, an easy stitch selection dial, a reverse lever, and adjustable pressure.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with beginners in mind, this machine can work well for short, easy projects. It is the best sewing machine for home use.

Reasons to like it:

  • It is very lightweight and portable, weighing only 5.5 pounds.
  • It is reasonably priced, providing affordable access to sewing capability.
  • It was made with simplicity in mind and is the best sewing machine for beginners.
  • Its manual settings make it easy to use and need little setup; it reliably produces acceptable stitches for basic stitching jobs.


  • Because of its limited characteristics, it isn’t suitable for large or complex projects.

Why you should buy SINGER M1000 Sewing Machine?

For those who are new to sewing, the Singer M1000 sewing machine is an excellent choice for best sewing. It’s a hand-held sewing machine and an affordable option that costs less than $100, so people on a limited budget would be wise to choose it. It is easy to use and designed with beginners in mind.

3. Brother Mobile Solutions SM1704 | Best For Basic Stitching

3. Brother Mobile Solutions SM1704

  • 17 unique built-in stitches
  • 4 quick-change sewing feet
  • Free Arm for Sleeves and Cuffs
  • Four-step auto-size buttonholer for sewing perfect buttonholes

Brother, a well-known sewing machine manufacturer with a strong reputation for durability around the world, encourages people to buy the best cheap sewing machine for home use.

With 17 useful and ornamental stitches, the Brother SM1704 sewing machine is a full-sized, lightweight, and adjustable device. An affordable sewing machine for beginners, this machine can handle basic stitching and repair tasks for inexperienced and experienced sewers.

A single turn of the dial makes choosing your stitch easy, and the pressure adjustment dial and reverse stitching lever give you even more flexibility. This machine comes with four sewing presser feet, so you can easily tackle a variety of jobs, such as buttonholes and zippers.


  • 17 built-in stitches: Including a buttonhole with a 4-step auto-size feature.
  • 38 Stitch Functions: Offering adaptability for a range of stitching requirements for everyday sewing projects.
  • Four Sewing Feet: For various activities, zigzag, zipper, buttonholes, and button sewing feet.
  • Free Arm for Sleeves and Cuffs: Makes stitching smaller sections easier.

Reasons to like it:

  • Works quicker than other sewing machine brands, increasing efficiency.
  • Outperforms ordinary sewing machines, guaranteeing lifetime, handheld sewing machine.
  • For ease of use, reduce the threading procedure.
  • The user-friendly feature makes stitch selection simple and the best choice for beginners.


  • There are fewer built-in stitches available

Why you should buy BROTHER MOBILE SOLUTIONS SM1704?

This machine is an ideal choice for sewing for those who are just getting started. Beginners and even experienced sewing machines will find it easy to use for everyday sewing projects. It’s easy to use, so you can begin stitching right away. You may use it for a variety of stitching tasks because it features a large number of various stitches. It works well for everything, from easy repairs to enjoyable undertakings.

4. Brother Sewing 14 Stitch | Best Reliable Sewing Machine For Multi-Tasking

4. Brother Sewing 14 Stitch

  • 14 built-in stitches along
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Brighter LED space
  • Excellent feed system
  • Automatic 4-Step Buttonholer

Of course, if you’re searching for a sewing machine for everyday sewing projects, the Brother SM1400 is the ideal brand to buy a machine from. Because it’s little but important, it can easily fit on your table and is a hand-held sewing machine.

It may be used for a multitude of sewing tasks, including buttonholes, stretchy materials, hems, and even stitching backward. It includes 14 built-in stitches. Turning a dial to select a stitch is easy, and you may even change the thread tension while you sew.

Finally, let’s talk about the Brother SM1400’s 14 built-in stitches. These are like an artist’s brush, prepared to create various designs on your fabric.

BROTHER 14 STICH Sewing Machine-Special Features:

  • 14 Built-in Stitches: There are several stitches included for a variety of stitching applications.
  • Automatic 4-Step Buttonholer: This tool makes buttonhole creation incredibly easy.
  • 4 stitching feet: Various feet for different stitching methods.
  • More stitching: Possibilities are available when you sew in both directions.
  • Quick-Set Bobbin System: Ensures uniform stitching.

Reasons to like it:

  • It makes picking stitches easier while learning.
  • Ensures uniform stitching, the best choice for beginners.
  • Adapts to various stitching requirements, both wide and narrow
  • Ideal for people without a permanent sewing space.


  • Limited stitch options and no one-step buttonhole.

Why you should buy a BROTHER 14 STICH Sewing Machine?

The Brother SM1400 is undoubtedly the best choice to buy a machine for someone just starting out in sewing. It’s simple to use and learn. It has a quick-set drop-in bobbin mechanism for uniform stitches and a straightforward stitch choice dial. Moreover, a DVD with instructions is included to assist you in beginning sewing with confidence, and it is the best cheap machine under $100.

5. Mini Sewing Machine For Beginners Crafting

5. Mini Sewing Machine

  • 12 Built-In Stitches
  • Dual-Thread Feature
  • One-step buttonhole
  • LED light for brighter workspace illumination
  • Adjustable stitch length and width

A micro sewing machine is analogous to a typical sewing machine in magnitude. It is hand held sewing machine for everyday sewing projects. It is designed to take up less space, especially for individuals who prefer to travel or have small spaces.

Imagine packing a sewing machine like a pair of socks and keeping it next to your morning coffee. A little sewing machine helps you with that. Also, a different kind of compacted sewing machine is a transportable sewing machine.

It is not too large to grasp in your hand and appears more like a stapler than a steady sewing machine. These movable ones come in relatively convenient for last-ditch maintenance, such as repairing holes or edges, chiefly if your sewing area is far off.


  • Similar to a pocket-sized: Sewing machine, this machine is both compact and easy to use, with surprising versatility given its small size.
  • The best choice for beginners: Excellent for on-the-go learning or fast repairs.
  • Dual-Thread Feature: For stronger stitching, use both top and bottom threads.
  • Modifiable speed controls: two alternative speeds to suit various stitching requirements.
  • Extension Table: Detachable, providing additional stability and room for larger tasks.

Reasons to like it:

  • Easy to use and affordable best choice for beginners.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Easily portable and fits in tiny locations.
  • Perfect for beginners and younger sewers


  • Compared to full-sized sewing machines, mini sewing machines have fewer built-in stitches and functionalities.

Why should you purchase a MINI sewing machine?

A little sewing machine might be ideal for someone who doesn’t have much room, is new to sewing, or is a youthful sewing lover. It’s also fantastic if you enjoy sewing on the go! However, a full-sized machine could be more appropriate for you if you want to work with heavier materials or complete complex tasks.


1. Brother RLX3817A

  • Stitches: There are 17 built-in stitches.
  • Buttonhole: four-step auto-sizing Buttonhole
  • Zig-zag, zipper, buttonhole, and button sewing feet
  • Weight: less than 11 lbs.
  • Application: Everyday sewing, lightweight materials

2. Singer M-1000

  • Stitches: four built-in stitches and 32 stitch applications.
  • Convenient Features: drop-top bobbin, quick stitch selection dial, reverse lever, adjustable tension.
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds.
  • Application: Light stitching chores, basic characteristics

3. Brother Mobile Solutions SM1704:

  • Stitches: 17 pre-installed stitches, 38 stitch functions.
  • Zigzag, zipper, buttonholes, and button stitching feet.
  • Stitching speed: up to 750 stitches per minute.
  • Unique features include a bright LED work area, a quick-set drop-in top bobbin system, and a free arm for cuffs and sleeves.
  • Application: Versatile, long-lasting, and effective for a variety of sewing applications.

4. Brother 14 Stitch Sewing Machine (SM1400):

  • Stitches: 14 built-in stitches, a maximum speed of 900 stitches per minute
  • Sewing Feet: There are four different sewing feet for different methods.
  • Unique Features: 4-step automatic buttonholer, convertible flatbed/free arm
  • Application: Basic sewing requirements, suited for beginners

5. Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners Crafting:

  • Additional features include a twin-thread function, adjustable speed settings, an LED light, an extension table, a built-in thread cutter, dual power choices, and a foot pedal.
  • Application: Modest, lightweight, and simple to use, making it suitable for beginners and small tasks.

Each machine has its own set of functions that cater to various stitching demands. The RLX3817A and M-1000 are good choices for beginners, but the SM1704 has more sophisticated capabilities and is more versatile. The SM1400 is designed for beginners, while the Mini Sewing Machine is the ideal handheld machine for travel and simplicity.

Best Sewing Machines For Everday Use:

If you’re just starting off, these sewing machines are excellent choices for everyday sewing projects. The Brother RLX3817A and Singer M-1000 are both affordable sewing machines for beginners. However, for a more adaptable option, buy a Brother sewing machine, in which the Brother Mobile Solutions SM1704 with its complex functions and efficiency stands out.

Each machine meets certain requirements, ranging from price to capability. The SM1400, despite its lack of complex functions, is dependable for everyday sewing and repairs, making it suitable for novices. Finally, the Mini Sewing Machine, with its small size and ease of use, is ideal for those who are traveling or have limited room.

Best Computerized Sewing Machine For Beginners:

It’s crucial to weigh your alternatives while selecting the finest sewing machine for your needs. Your unique demands and tastes will determine which of the mentioned sewing machines the best-computerized sewing machine is for beginners and which is the best portable sewing machine.

The SINGER M1000 stands out if you’re looking for a computerized sewing machine with cutting-edge functionality. With the many features this machine has to offer, you may produce complicated designs more accurately and efficiently by streamlining your everyday sewing projects.

Guidelines Of How To Set And How To Use Sewing Machine For Beginners:

How to Function with a Sewing Machine:

Now that everything is configured on your sewing machine, get to work stitching. This is what you will do:

1. Examine the needle:

Using your machine’s knob or button, ensure that your needle is lifted. To begin sewing, position the cloth beneath the needle in the desired location and drop the foot that presses to secure it.

2. Apply the Foot Pedal:

To start stitching, lightly apply the foot pedal. Recall that the stitching pace is determined by the pressure you use. To secure your seams, work a few backward stitches at the beginning and end.

3. Cloth Guidance:

Use the machine’s seam allowance guideline to guide your cloth while you stitch. You are not required to push the cloth through; the machine will do it automatically.

4. Completing the Embroidery:

When you are finished stitching, raise the presser foot and needle. Carefully remove the excess fabric and use a thread cutter or scissors to snip the excess thread.

How to Use a Sewing Machine Expertly:

Let’s now explore some more information to assist you in becoming an expert sewer:

1. Practice on Scrap Fabric:

Use scrap fabric to get experience before beginning a new project. This enables you to become acquainted with the machine’s settings and fine-tune its speed and tension.

2. Recognizing Machine Features:

If your machine has changeable stitch length and width, take note of these features. Utilizing them correctly enables personalization depending on various textiles and patterns.

3. Maintenance of Machines:

Clean the bobbin case often; replace the needles as appropriate, and according to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. This guarantees seamless functioning and prevents any stitching problems.

4. Researching Resources:

Check into sewing groups, internet tutorials, and sewing schools. These tools provide helpful hints, pointers, and a friendly atmosphere to improve your sewing abilities.

5. Embrace the Process:

Go at your own speed during the stitching process, and don’t be afraid to try out various methods. With experience, one’s ability and confidence will increase, making sewing a creative and pleasant undertaking.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Sewing Machine Is Best for Beginners on a Budget?

For those on a tight budget, the Brother RLX3817A and Singer M-1000 are great choices. These machines are affordable and provide basic functionality and simplicity, making them the best cheap sewing machines for beginners.

What Sewing Machine Provides High-Tech Features at a Reasonable Cost?

In this category, the Brother Mobile Solutions SM1704 is unique. It strikes a good mix between price and cutting-edge features, which makes it a great alternative for anyone looking for additional possibilities.

Are There Travel-Friendly or Compact Sewing Machines Available?

Yes, portability is a feature of both the Brother SM1400 and the Mini Sewing Machine. While the Brother SM1400 is lightweight, portable, and appropriate for tiny settings, the Mini Sewing Machine’s compact size makes it perfect for travel or on-the-go quick adjustments.


Choosing the best sewing machine under 100 dollars for beginners involves considering various options. Among these, determining the best computerized and handheld sewing machines depends on your specific needs. The SINGER M1000 excels as a computerized sewing machine, offering advanced features that streamline intricate designs with precision and efficiency. Alternatively, if portability is key, handheld machines like the Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners Crafting provide convenience, especially for smaller projects on the go.

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