Is Fabric Glue As Good As Sewing? Yes or No

Is Fabric Glue As Good As Sewing? Yes or No

Fabric is like a special canvas, but it needs to be held together. If you are unable to sew, fabric glue is an easy solution. It’s not always the greatest option, though, for every project. There are many of ways to combine materials if you enjoy creating crafts or clothing.

Nowadays, good fabric glues are available in craft stores. Choosing the right glue and using it properly is important. Is fabric glue as good as sewing? It depends on the project. Moreover, if glue isn’t suitable, you can sew by hand or machine.

For items that need to be strong, sewing might be better. It often depends on the fabric and the item’s use that is fabric glue as good as sewing?

Can Fabric Glue Replace of Sewing: Is Fabric Glue As Good As Sewing?

Although fabric glue has become better over time, it still frequently leaves firm adhesive traces where the cloth is connected and occasionally wears out after a few washes. Can I use fabric glue instead of sewing? Yes, fabric glue can replace hand or machine sewing in some projects. It’s quicker and helps those who can’t sew to complete projects.

However, fabric glue for clothes isn’t as strong or durable as actual sewing.  Moreover, fabric glue isn’t the best choice for clothes you might iron later. The glue’s binding may be weakened by the iron’s heat.

Fabric glue, therefore, has its applications, although it isn’t necessarily as strong and long-lasting as traditional stitching.

In this article, we will weigh the benefits of fabric glue vs sewing to determine, in different situations, is fabric glue as good as sewing.

Fabric Glue Vs Sewing: What to Choose?

You may piece textiles together in a variety of ways if you enjoy creating your own crafts or clothing. Good fabric glues may be found in fabric and craft stores it’s crucial to select the right glue and apply it properly to prevent your products from breaking apart.

If fabric glue isn’t acceptable for your project, you may still sew by hand or with a machine. Let’s see how to use fabric glue and where sewing is better. In the battle of fabric glue vs sewing, each has its place. Thus, choosing between fabric glue and sewing depends on your project’s needs.

1- Fabric Glue for Clothes of Daily Usage:

While fabric glue is a possibility for clothing, it is not a good idea for items that you wear on a daily basis. Clothes making involves a lot of washing and drying. Can fabric glue be washed, even while certain fabric glues can be washed, their strength isn’t strong enough to keep clothing together forever.

You wouldn’t want your clothes or pants to rip while you’re out, would you? Furthermore, fabric glue isn’t appropriate for creating sturdy clothing, even though it works well for some crafts or short repairs.

2- Easy Fixes with Fabric Glue:

Fabric adhesive works well for minor, fast wardrobe adjustments. For instance, if you aren’t good at sewing, and you may use material adhesive to trim the fabric length of a dress or a pair of pants.

Tiny tears in areas you don’t see often, such as the interior of your favorite t-shirt, can also be fixed using it. Moreover, use of fabric glue for clothes is simple.

Firstly, you apply the glue carefully along the edge you need to fix. But surely, for a fast solution, fabric glue is quite helpful.

3-     Temporary Help with Spray Fabric Glue:

Spray fabric glues are great when you need to temporarily keep decorations like rickrack in place on fabric. When you’re sewing rickrack with a machine, you usually need lots of pins to hold it.

However, this takes a lot of time, and you can easily prick your fingers. Moreover, using spray fabric glue makes this job easier. In this manner, you’ll save time and prevent finger pricking.

Is Fabric Glue As Good As Sewing: Pros & Cons of Fabric Glue

Let`s check the pros of cons of using fabric glue instead of sewing.

1- Pros of using fabric glue:

  • Can fabric glue be washed? Yes, it can. Fabric glue can be washed and remains flexible on clothes after washing.
  • If fabric glue gets on clothes accidentally, soak it in cold water and blot it with a sponge.
  • Fabric glue is handy for minor adjustments to clothing or fabric projects.
  • Fabric glue is suitable for fixing home décor fabrics like curtains or bedspreads.
  • It’s also great for adding applique to items such as towels, curtains, pillows, or fabric wall hangings.

2- Cons of using fabric glue:

  • Avoid using fabric glue on applique products or clothing intended for infants or children under ages 3 or 4 due to the risk of choking if the applique is picked off and ingested.
  • Fabric glue should be allowed to dry for 48 hours to ensure complete drying, although most glue is set within four to six hours.
  • They become water-safe after 48 hours.
  • Fabric glue is not suitable for all clothes.
  • Be cautious when wearing or hanging a glued product as the seam can dry incorrectly, affecting its appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes fabric glue from other types of adhesive?

Fabric glue is made for soft fabrics like cotton. It can bend without cracking. Because it’s waterproof, washing it won’t break it. It is made to be robust and flexible.

Is fabric glue as good as sewing?

No, fabric glue isn’t always as strong or durable as sewing. It’s not good for items you plan to iron later because the heat can make the glue less effective.

Why don’t people sew anymore?

People don’t sew as much because they may not have the right equipment like a good sewing machine or overlocker for a neat finish. Also, starting with new clothes is easier for beginners. They may not have enough material or the right tools like a clean iron and ironing board.

What’s another way to attach fabric without sewing?

Fabric glue or a fusible bonding tape such as Stitch Witchery can be used. Although using a machine for sewing is typically quicker and more dependable, other viable solutions include fabric adhesive or Stitch Witchery.

Is sewing becoming less common?

Although many people would believe stitching is outdated, this is not. With the use of contemporary tools and methods, sewing continues to gain popularity and evolve, drawing new sewers.


Is fabric glue as good as sewing? Fabric glue is a quick solution for those who can’t sew, but it may not be ideal for all projects. While it has improved over time, it can leave noticeable traces and may not last through multiple washes.

Furthermore, fabric glue should not be used on goods that you want to iron later since the heat will weaken the binding. As a result, while fabric glue has its uses, it may not be as strong and resilient as traditional stitching. Choosing the right glue kind and applying it properly is critical to ensuring the strength of your projects.

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